Summer School ORSS #5 - Ocean Remote Sensing Synergy

Moulin Mer, Logonna-Daoulas, France
July 1 to 5, 2019

Over the last decade, the ocean community witnessed the launch of over 30 new ocean-related satellite missions worldwide. Plans for new satellites aimed to improve the spatial-temporal sampling, are already laid well into the foreseeable future. Today, we are already considering Petabytes of data to download, manage, analyse, and transform into accessible information. Increasing computer power and understandings of relevant physical processes are also rapidly evolving, and contribute to advances in model accuracy and resolution refinement. The different satellite sensors can be combined to provide the required high spatio-temporal sampling using physically or statistically based merging approaches.
This year, the summer school will focus on the synergy between satellite observations of the sea surface and in situ measurements of the water column.
detailed program here

Transportation from Brest to Moulin Mer
Welcome coffee and room installation
Introduction to oceanography
Introduction to spatial oceanography and ARGO measurements
Statistical methods for signal decomposition
Interpolation methods
Syntool/Seascope visualization tools
Outdoor activities
Joint exploitation of satellite and ARGO data
Advanced statistical methods for synergy studies
Oral presentation (15 min each)
Transportation from Moulin Mer to Brest
Confirmed invited speakers

Permanent speakers:

The summer school takes place at Moulin Mer, Logonna Daoulas, France. It is located at the south of Brest. You can find more information about the conference center here (website in French). We will organize the transport by taxi (30 minutes):
  • July 1 (10 AM) --> transport from Brest to Moulin Mer
  • July 5 (4 PM) --> transport from Moulin Mer to Brest

How to come to Brest:

  • 6 planes from Paris every day (duration 1h30)
  • 10 trains from Paris every day (duration 4h30)

 What to do around Moulin Mer:

  • Regional natural park (website)
  • Islands (website)
  • Oceanopolis aquarium park (website)
  • Ferry boats to UK, Ireland and Spain (website)
  • Outdoor activities: fishing, sailing, surfing, etc.
Oceanic Engineering Society
Copernicus Copernicus

The cost of the registration is 300€ all included (transportation from Brest to Moulin Mer, accomodation and food from Monday to Friday)

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